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The Sweetest Sin

Cole & Piper

Orginial Sin - Cole & Piper
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For The Love of Cole/Piper
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est. January 2007
Current Layout Theme: Sweetest Sin
Created by phantomsangel48

Welcome to THE SWEETEST SIN - LiveJournal's only Cole/Piper Fan & 'Shipper Appreciation Community!
Help us grow even more - JOIN US HERE!

- Must be a Cole/Piper fan.
- No bashing on the couple or any other things related to them as individuals will be tolerated. This is a fan community.
- Along the same lines, Be nice to all members! We're all here to enjoy ourselves, and it's not fun to be harassed for your point of view or angle on things. If you really think someone has a problem, email me or leave me a private message and I will look into it immediatly. Any posts deemed offensive, unrelated or otherwise inapropriate will be deleted.
-Promoting is allowed, but please, only Cole/Piper or Charmed related communities/sites.
-Feel free to post pictures, icons, graphics, stores or news ... anything Cole/Piper related!
-Feel free to post any creative fiction work, but please make sure put a rating on EVERYTHING. Also, you MUST, repeat: MUST inform of anything considered a squick (something that may upset/offend the reader). This includes blood, non-con, dub-con, character death, torture, etc. If you are at all worried, email me and let me know, and I'll steer you right.
-Please put any pictures, graphics, icons (more than 5)... etc, in a lj-cut.
-Please no off-topic entries. You can discuss anything Cole/Piper or Charmed but don't talk about Desperate Housewives or The Miami Dolphins ;o)
-No bashing of artists and posters.

Please address all questions, concerns, ideas, etc to Tonya (phantomsangel48)
via my LJ or you can email me at: tbowles48@yahoo.com

After joining, feel free to post a brief description of yourself (where you live, your age, etc.) so we can find out a little something about you:

Name and/or Nickname:
Why Cole/Piper?:
Favorite Charmed Episode:
Other Fandoms:
Comments or Ideas:

Here at cole_piper, we try to promote a postive environment for people to expand their creative skills in writing and other forms of art, both with a computer and with a sketch pad. We also promote an environment where people who enjoy this wonderful couple can debate and discuss with ease. We see this site not only as a shrine of sorts to our favorite should-have-been Charmed couple, but also as a place for people to come, write, read and contribute. Fan fiction and fan art is meant to be fun and create a way for otherwise unpublished authors and unshowcased artists, or amateurs in either arena, to express themselves in an easygoing community. We here do not claim to own anything involving Charmed, The WB, Holly Marie Combs, Julian McMahon, or any of the characters used in any stories or artwork posted.

The Sweetest Sin
Can you imagine us making love
The way it would feel the first time that we touch
Can you think of it the way I dream of it
I want you to see it like I'm seeing it
It's a picture of perfection
The vision of you and I

Your lips upon my lips
(can you just picture this)
Your fingertips on my fingertips
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin
That would be the sweetest sin,yeah

All night i lie awake
Cuz' it's too much to take
Dreaming about the love that we could make
All day I think of schemes
To get you next to me
I want you so bad that i can barley breathe
It's a sign of my obsession
That I can't stop thinking 'bout

Your lips upon my lips
(Can you envision it)
Temptation I could never resist
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin, yeah

It would feel so good
To be so bad
You don't know how bad
I want that
I would do anything
To feel

Your lips upon my lips
(can you just picture this)
Your fingertips on my fingertips.
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin, yeah

Your lips upon my lips
(can you envision it)
Your fingertips on my fingertips
Your skin upon my skin
Would be the sweetest sin, yeah