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Cole/Piper Stories [Nov. 24th, 2011|03:37 pm]
Orginial Sin - Cole & Piper



A Demon's Birthday Wish: Piper makes Cole a Demon in Heaven. R.
A Night On The World: "I'm kidnapping you, Miss Halliwell." PG.
A Taste of The Charmed Life: Whatever was behind her was far bigger than her feline friend. Her hands raised at the ready, Piper turned to meet her opponent . . . G.
The Alien In Her Backyard: An alien lands in the Halliwells' backyard when Piper's home alone! R.
An Infinity Pass Eternity: Piper regrets the kiss that she shared with Cole in Deadly Mistletoe, but it's not for the reason he thinks. PG.
Around The Family: Cole and Piper steal some treasured moments amongst their family to celebrate Christmas with the true loves of their lives. PG.
Breakfast For Two: Will Piper's latest breakfast be yet another failed attempt to bring her family together, or does fate have a surprise in store for her? G.
Boom Boom: When Wyatt's parents set out to help him, and themselves, in an alternate universe, both their and our own Charmed Ones' worlds will never be the same. R.
Cole's Favorite Holiday: Cole's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, Samhain, Christmas . . . G.
Discontented Readers: The author's "Angry Viewers" disappoints two readers. G.
For All Eternity: A moment with Cole and Piper as they end the old year and begin the new one as a very happily married couple. R.
Forever Love: Cole's been turned into a Vampire! Will Piper still love him? R.
His Favorite Place: Piper's husband misses her and her cooking. R.
Deadly Mistletoe: Cole and Piper have an encounter under the mistletoe. R.
Never Half a Man: Piper assures Cole that he will never be only half a man in her eyes. G.
Paragons of Heaven and Hell: Cole and Piper miss each other after his death and long for what they both believe could not have been while never realizing just how wrong the thoughts they take as fact are. R.
Piper's Wake-Up Call: Continuing the series began with "Leo's Wake-Up Call" and "Cole's Wake-Up Call", it's Piper's turn to get woken up, but who wakes her? G.
Reaching For Heaven From Hell: It was only a dream, but oh, how she aches for it to be real . . . R.
The Secret Ingredient: Piper's feeling mischievous . . . G.
To Boingie! Anew: Piper's boingieing again, but it's not Leo . . . Can you figure out who it is before the end of the story? R.