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Challenge - The Sweetest Sin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Challenge [Jun. 29th, 2008|11:07 am]
Orginial Sin - Cole & Piper


ok i dont know if this is allowed here but i have a challenge for you writers!

ok the challenge is a charmed and weeds fanfiction(if anyone hasn't seen the show weeds its an awsome show funny as hell) anywho the challege is that piper becomes a drug dealer to help with the money problems that she had after have chris. Leo is still an elder and her sisters haved moved out so its just her a the boys. She ends up losing the club because of money issues and is on the verge on losing the manor. and cole happens to be drug dealer too and well known by the underground drug rings. He becomes her "teacher" and shows her the ropes and..... they fall in love in. Her sister dont find out and cole or the dealing until later on when Paige started to follow piper because piper is acting different.

or something in the lines of that idea i just put down or maybe just write a piper and cole fic i dont know its up to you writers.

for just the piper and cole fic. It should be a charmed and law and order svu fic. Cole and Piper move to New york to be together. They change their names along with changing wyatt and chris's names and also taking away their power to protect them. So someone from piper's past *cough*Dan*cough* kiddnappeds the boys and kills and rapes the nanny which is where svu comes in.

So that's the other idea......so what do u think?