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Fic: With Or Without You - Chapter Two [Jun. 28th, 2008|06:26 pm]
Orginial Sin - Cole & Piper
Title: With or Without You
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Cole, Piper, Leo, Phoebe, Paige
Pairing(s): Cole/Piper
Rating: PG13
Summary: He had no idea why he wanted to help her.  All he knew was that the only thing he wanted at that moment in his life was to sit next to a soaking wet, crying and beautiful Piper Halliwell and fix whatever was breaking her heart any way he knew how. 
Note: Sorry it took so long for an update – I lost my interest in Charmed for awhile, but I recently bought seasons 1-4 on DVD and have renewed my love for Charmed and for Cole/Piper! Here is a link to Chapter One if you need to catch up

Chapter Two - Inside Out